Sunday, November 9, 2014

It's time

It's time I get back to blogging. I've really missed it. I have been constantly busy for most of this year which is why I haven't updated in a while. In the coming weeks I plan to make time. There will be changes. I need a new layout I think. Actually I'm thinking of deleting everything and starting over from scratch. Is that extreme? Every single post? Part of me hates the idea but part of me says I need a fresh start. Some thing to  mull over. For now though you can find me on the following sites if you are so inclined.


And now, a picture of Chainsaw:

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Black and White Part 2

I slightly altered the pattern for my reversible cutout blouse. I made a new sample and last weekend I took pictures of both sides to show how versatile it really is. I really love this top. When I have the time I'll be making myself more of these. As it is, I still have orders coming in pretty regularly, which I am thrilled about! It doesn't leave much time for blogging though. I'm still looking for that balance...

As you can see my background is still giving me problems. :(

With glasses. These are Rx. I'm not allowed to drive without them!

Wear it with a pencil skirt for work...

...or casual, over jeans.

The pin was given to me by my Syndelle. Isn't it sweet?

Cutout detail in the back.

Till next time!

Monday, April 7, 2014


Wow it's been over a month since I last posted. Time does fly. I have been super busy with work for the parks district and orders as well. Yay! But I did have time this weekend to take some pics. I've acquired a few vintage pieces that I can't use so I'm going to be adding a vintage section to my shop. Yesterday I took some photos of this gorgeous vintage sequins blouse that looks like it has mermaid scales. Check it out.

I've decided I need a real background. Does anyone know where I can get one? I'm not having much luck finding one. :/

Look at the sparkle on the sequins. So so pretty, but too big for me.

I had a sort of literary theme going on. What can I say I love books!

Reading The Divine Comedy.

Not so funny as it turns out...

And I made an ad for my new section which will go up in a few weeks.

Anyone have vintage clothes they want to get rid of? Send me some pictures. I'll make you an offer!

Till next time!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Black and White

I took some photos this weekend and I must say I feel like I'm getting better at it. Better at posing, lighting makeup and editing. It's starting to become a lot of fun for me. I'd like to have subjects other than myself sometime though. I've been trying to get some friends to let me take photos of them. So far no takers.

This one seems to be the favorite on facebook.

Wannabe cheesecake!

Blowing kisses.

I used this for etsy. This top is listed on etsy by the way. :)

And finally a picture of me smiling. Tell me I don't look unhinged! haha

I also had some fun with editing and came up with these:

A banner to share (hint hint)

My serious pic.

So the playlist for this shoot is here if you're interested. It always helps to have good music on when taking pics. Good music and a couple of drinks!

Oh one more thing. I have recently opened a Listia account. It's like eBay, but you use credits instead of money. Credits can be earned through listing, taking surveys and a number of other activities. They can also be purchased. So I transferred some of my etsy stuff over there. If you sign up through here you instantly get 250 credits to start with.

Till next time!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Most recent dress

I haven't had much time for blogging lately. Busy with orders and it looks like I might have a real job in the works soon. We'll see how that turns out, more as it develops. For now I'll leave you with some pics of the most recent thing I've made. A wiggle dress that I wore to see Mayer Hawthorne in concert a couple weeks ago. Fucking great show! One of the best performers I've ever seen. But anyway here is the dress. The bodice is from Simplicity 2648, the skirt is my own draft, actually the same pencil skirt I offer in my shop.

This one is my favorite. I think it's the most fun shot.

And this is what I mean when I say in the Etsy listing that this skirt: "...has a pleated waist line to compliment your curves or add some where they're needed." I am not this curvy in real life trust me.
Till next time!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

80's fabric, 40's style

I took some pictures last weekend. I've decided to take all the items in my shop that are pictured on a dressform and see if I can move them by re-shooting them. Having fun with it so far. Although I must say that I am in terrible need of a better camera!

Wannabe pin-up!

I ended up going with this one for etsy

I liked this shot but it came out blurry. Stupid camera.

Outtake of me and my baby girl, who is freakishly tall. haha

Also I was listening to this playlist while I took these. Make of it what you will...

Till next time!

Monday, January 27, 2014


Back again with some more awesome music that you probably have never heard of! I was doing the Pandora thing as I tend to do. I put in something I like and oftentimes I discover new music this way. This time I put in Cat Power and found Feist. Beautiful voice. Interesting arrangements. All around cool.

Cute little duet here:

And a beautiful cover:

Till next time!