Saturday, April 4, 2015

Win an Uncut McCalls Pattern, Fabric and Notions!

This button-up blouse is perfect for Spring. How cute would it look with this light-weight, ticking striped fabric? Of course if you are the lucky winner, you could use any fabric you like and make something completely different with the 2 yards you will get. Also included is a covered button kit with parts to make 8 covered buttons for your new blouse. The directions are all in Japanese, but you get the idea.

Super easy pattern from a great pattern company

Covered button kit to add a professional touch to your project

1- Post this giveaway either on your blog, Twitter or Facebook
2- Comment below with a link to the post you made
3- Be sure to include a way to contact you in your comment
Odds of winning depend on number of (valid) entries received
A winner will be chosen randomly through a number generator on April 30, 2015
The winner will be announced on May 1, 2015
The winner will be contacted by the method they provided
The winner has 1 week to respond or the prize will go to someone else
Thanks for entering and good luck!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

And the winner is...

...V. Pritchard! Congratulations! I hope you love this pattern and the fabric.

A big Thank You to everyone who entered (and followed to rules while doing so). I will be posting a new giveaway soon. Follow this blog or my Facebook page to keep updated!

See you soon!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Bookish Part 3

More book pics. This shoot was actually for etsy. The polka dot blouse in the pic is vintage. It reminded me I found this at a thriftshop. It's all in Japanese. At the time I told myself I would learn to read it someday. Someday isn't here yet, but maybe after I reach B2 in German?

Don't forget to enter this month's giveaway! There's only a few days left to enter. Click here!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Pretty in Pink?

I'm the first to admit pink is not really my color. But I love it anyway. I really feel in love with this vintage dress and it's dusty shade of pink. As soon as I saw it I started envisioning this dramatic flower crown to go with it. So I went out and got a couple bouquets of these fake flowers and improvised one. not bad for my first attempt. Of course not great if you were to look to closely. But I think the photos came out OK. What do you think?

I think I'll use this one for the Etsy listing.

So the giveaway has just under two weeks left. If you haven't entered you can do it here. It only takes a minute!

Monday, March 16, 2015

New Bag

Just a few shots this time. I had a request for this pose with a coat, hat and large bag. I'm not much of a bag person. I love them, don't get me wrong. I pick them up while thrifting sometimes but I've never been much for carrying large bags or purses around. I like to keep my hands free so I tend to go the messenger bag route if I happen to have one on me. This shoot called for a rather large bag and I didn't have any on hand so I took the excuse to go thrift shopping. :) BTW did you know Goodwill is open on Sundays now? How long has that been going on? Anyway within a few minutes of stepping in the door I set eyes on this gorgeous bag in an even more gorgeous shade of red. But when I looked inside it was pretty thrashed so I had to keep searching and wouldn't you know it? I found the exact same bag in brand new condition on one of the shelves. It was perfect! This bag was completely unused. It's marked Estee Lauder so it was probably someone's free gift with purchase but I don't care. It's still badass. So here it is. I won't be listing either. This baby is mine!

Same pose, different expressions.

Light was crappy so I had to do some major editing. Can you tell?

Playing around with effects. Gotta love Picmonkey.

BTW, there is still time to enter this month's giveaway! Click here for info.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Beginner's Guide to Wasting a Seller's Time

Welcome to the Beginner's Guide to Wasting a Seller's Time! Here you will some useful tips on not only wasting a seller's time, but also annoying the hell out of them. Most of the examples given are taken from experiences, but these tips should work on Etsy, eBay and many other venues!

Tip #1: Be subtle
Subtlety is key in the beginning. You don't want to give off the troll vibe right out of the gate. The seller will catch on quickly and most likely ignore you and delete your message. A better approach would be to ask a reasonable question about the product or service and imply that you are a serious buyer who needs this product/service. For example if inquiring about a modeling service you might ask: "I have a lingerie company called Lollipop. Can you pose with a lollipop in the photos?"

Tip #2: Keep it simple...really simple
Less is more in this case. Using the above sample, notice how the whole message didn't elaborate beyond the claim of owning a company? This is important as it requires the seller to ask you questions in addition to answering one. This keeps your target engaged. You could possibly continue these one-sentence responses for quite some time before the seller notices what you're up to but that would only be fun for a while, which leads us to tip #3...

Tip #3: Ask an odd question
Here is where you will have to get creative. The question you ask should not only pertain to the service/product you are inquiring about but it should be phrased in such a way that the seller has a hard time figuring out exactly what you're asking. For example if the seller provides a model release for photos you might ask if the release includes "personal use". Continue asking for clarification but be vague enough so that the seller has to outline every detail in such a way that it seems as though they are writing a textbook on the subject. This may take a few messages but remember each message sent to you is time that the seller will never get back!

Tip #4: Ask a stupid question
Now is the time to hit them with a stupid question. Surely you've heard it said there are no stupid questions, this is just not true. Actually it is a completely ridiculous statement. To clarify however, a stupid question in this case is one that has been answered on the item/service page. Just read the page and pick one. For example if your target is a model that doesn't do nudes you might ask: "Will you pose topless?" Or if the title of the listing included the words "5 Photos" you could ask the seller how many photos they will provide. It is deceptively easy though. I say that because at this point in the game the seller will likely be getting sick of you and a stupid question might bring out the "Fuck it!" in them. To avoid this happening see Tip #5.

Tip #5: Maintain an aura of polite ignorance
I cannot express to you how important this is. With the right attitude you can keep a seller going for several days, with the wrong one you don't even make it on base. Always communicate with the seller from the point of view of someone who is completely new to the venue you are on and clueless as to how to negotiate, while maintaining a polite (or even flattering) tone. This will throw the seller off and make it seem as if even though you appear to be a total newbie, you are seriously considering purchasing something even though you have so far agreed to nothing specific.

Tip #6: Disappear
While it may be tempting to let the seller know that they've been punked, simply disappearing will piss them off more than anything you could possibly say at this point. At first the seller will be left wondering what they did wrong then, after a day or two, it will start to hit them that they wasted several days setting up (what they thought) would be a big order for a nice chunk of change. They will think back to all the times they wanted to tell you to go fuck yourself but didn't. All the times when they had to dumb down an explanation because the obvious continued to elude you no matter how many different ways it was explained.

Bonus Tip:
Come back to the seller after several weeks and ask the same question you began with. You will likely not get a response at all, but if the seller is having a particularly bad day you might get an angry reply or a least a pretty abrasive one. Most sellers will waste no more time on you but it's worth a try! And if you are successful you can read it over and over again to distract you from your own pathetic life. :)

In conclusion, there are many ways to troll sellers on the internet. These are just a few tips to help the novice on his/her journey to becoming an epic troll and eventually being able to knock it out of the park.

Happy Trolling!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015


Gigamesh, where have you been all my life? I cannot tell you how much I love this music. Every song is awesome. Every. Song. If you're like me you love lot of different kinds of music, you will like this. If not, you will probably still like this or at least find yourself humming it out of nowhere. Anyway this is some catchy shit. Check it out.

A few of my favorites:

Mid week party anyone?

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