Friday, December 27, 2013

Lace, Satin and Beading, oh my!

I thrifted this lace top a few months ago with a specific purpose for it. I was going to make one kick-ass 1920s style dress. Well it didn't work out. It turns out a medium just isn't enough fabric for me to work with if I want a dress. But no worries now I have a pretty top that goes with pants. After cutting into it and realizing that a dress just wasn't in the cards, a scrap of leftover satin came in handy as a yoke. But it wasn't enough so I added beading to the neckline which came out great. Nice and festive for a Holiday brunch, no?

I lightened this up to try and show the detail better. I just couldn't get a good shot of the beading. :/ I think I need a better camera...

At least now I have a new profile pic. All the pictures of me besides this one are at least a year old.

Till next time!


  1. how beautiful is that top! i love what you did with the satin leftover! you inspire me to do some refashion projects too! and you are so beautiful!!! would love to see that after photo bigger!

  2. Wow, really perfect DIY. I am dooing sometime cretaive things too. xa


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