Wednesday, January 29, 2014

80's fabric, 40's style

I took some pictures last weekend. I've decided to take all the items in my shop that are pictured on a dressform and see if I can move them by re-shooting them. Having fun with it so far. Although I must say that I am in terrible need of a better camera!

Wannabe pin-up!

I ended up going with this one for etsy

I liked this shot but it came out blurry. Stupid camera.

Outtake of me and my baby girl, who is freakishly tall. haha

Also I was listening to this playlist while I took these. Make of it what you will...

Till next time!


  1. Oh, dear Corina! This dress is sooooo lovely! Love the print and the model you did with it, and of course, your baby girl is a beautiful princess. Lot of kisses.

  2. Another gorgeous dress! You make them all look so great!

  3. this is really a dream dress! beautiful fabric! and you are not a wannabe pin up you look like a real model! wunderschön maine liebe;)