Saturday, April 19, 2014

Black and White Part 2

I slightly altered the pattern for my reversible cutout blouse. I made a new sample and last weekend I took pictures of both sides to show how versatile it really is. I really love this top. When I have the time I'll be making myself more of these. As it is, I still have orders coming in pretty regularly, which I am thrilled about! It doesn't leave much time for blogging though. I'm still looking for that balance...

As you can see my background is still giving me problems. :(

With glasses. These are Rx. I'm not allowed to drive without them!

Wear it with a pencil skirt for work...

...or casual, over jeans.

The pin was given to me by my Syndelle. Isn't it sweet?

Cutout detail in the back.

Till next time!


  1. Wonderful top, dear Corina!! Love, love it ! You´re so clever with sewing!!

  2. wunderschönes top! you look so beautiful! i wish i would look so good with glasses!
    love and kiss,mary

    1. I bet you do look good in glasses! You should take some photos, you look good in everything.